Chef Ramsay's an ass

I just caught up on the last three episodes of Hell's Kitchen. Zane and I used to watch together, but damn! Ramsay's an ass. I'd let Zane watch Iron Man without hesitation - it's clearly pretend violence. I understand they want some tension and drama for a reality show, but Ramsay's just mean and rude. Every episode he kicks the trashcans or throws pans and dishes. It must be hell being yelled at by him. There's no way I could stand for that.
And yet I'm still drawn to watch (without the kids.) It's fun to see how dishes are prepared.

It's Popelicious Time!

Yes, we're all excited that bush is meeting with the pope.   joy.
Reminds me of 'The Pope' song by meryncadell

"Yeah, the pope, pope, pope, pope, pope.
we all here to see the pope, pope, pope, pope, pope.
Well, you got your pope pennants, buttons, your pope clothes,
You got your pope binoculars to see him up close
and I cried when I saw that man in white."

excellent song.  read the rest

oh, hey!  It's finally available online!  Listen
jedi cat

neat tech fun

After dropping off the Nayad at the airport, i obeyed the pleas for Noodles & Company.  Just as we were entering, I remembered that I had not yet printed the BOGO coupon they sent me this week.  So I opened up the email on my iPhone and zoomed down to the barcode area.  After ordering, I said that I had a coupon, but forgot to print it and handed over my iPhone.  They were very amused and only slightly confused.  A guy behind them commented that this was the first time he'd seen that.  The cashier chuckled and asked the other what to do, and was told to just go ahead and enter it in.  
life's little victories.

iPhone SDK - finally

one of the reasons holding me back from getting an iPhone originally, was that it was a closed system.  i would not be able to write apps for it, or download other 3rd part apps.  but all that changed when apple announced they would in fact release a Software Development Kit for the iPhone in Februrary.  Well, they were only a little late releasing it today.  joy.  And it's just as sexy as everything else Apple makes.  very slick.

however, and i don't know why i didn't guess this in the first place, you need an "Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X v10.5.2 and later".  that's a problem for me, with only WIntel and Linux systems on hand.  Now whom do i know with Macs on hand?  :)
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My cat Byron passed away this morning at 0530 in Texas. He was 17. He had been living with my Mother and Father for the past few years since it seemed like he wasn't going to last another winter up here. He loved being back in Texas and often went outside to sun on the deck. He hated the snow and I'm sure moving back to Texas made him happy and kept him from passing away sooner.

Crazy Cats

I'm not getting very good sleep these days. The crazy cats keep waking me up way too freaking early. They usually just scratch on the door, and I'm able to ignore that if I'm super tired. But the other day I woke up just before 5 am when the cordless phone flashed on. (Yes, I'm that sensitive to light.) I looked at the phone as the light turned off, then then the little red charging light went out as well. I could hear a slight sound of it's power cord tapping against the wall, so I gathered that this was not a simple power flicker/failure.

I got up and pulled the cord up to confirm that, yes indeed, the cat had chewed through the cord. This is most likely the work of Shelly, our oldest resident cat. I've caught him chewing on the fan power cord before. And he's most likely responsible for the teeth marks in the drawing tablet's USB cord.

So I'm already awake now and annoyed at the cat. So I got up and cut out the chewed section, spliced it back together and wrapped it up with electrical tape.

Crazy Cats!  I might have to start putting Tabasco on the power cords again if he keeps this up.